why blade runner is my favorite harrison ford film….

Why is Blade Runner my favorite Harrison Ford film and quite possibly my favorite film period? It is because this is one of the most under appreciated masterpieces of our time. When it arrived in theaters in 1982 audiences weren’t very receptive to the neo-noir film interpretation of Phillip K. Dick’s book ” Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”. Did they expect another Star Wars? Did they not see the genius of Ridley Scott in every second of the film? Was it the theatrical cut that put them off? I don’t know, but since its release the film has gained cult status among film junkies and luckily Ridley Scott has released several versions of the film to satisfy the biggest of Blade Runner fans. Most recently the collectors edition blu-ray was released a few years back. It contained several versions of the film, but most importantly it contains Scott’s final version of the film. This is my favorite version because it fixes several of the problems the previous cuts had. So why is this film so great? In my opinion, it is because Phillip K. Dick’s book was such a masterpiece in itself. I can’t think of any great films that were based on mediocre source material. Harrison Ford’s excellent performance as the classic noir detective and Scott’s ability to create a completely believable world are paramount to the films success. If you haven’t seen Blade Runner you are definitley missing out.


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