the federal reserve: destroying america one dollar at a time

I created this video in support of Ron Paul’s effort to expose the private Federal Reserve as a criminal banking organization. For those who don’t know, the Fed is NOT a government controlled organization, as Alan Greenspan himself points out so well in the above video. They are as “Federal” as Federal Express. The Fed is made up of private banks and we are not allowed to know who they are. We then barrow the money from the Fed and they print it for us. When we owe debts, we owe them to the Fed. The Fed then has the option to sell our debt to other countries like China, or even private individuals. It is a powerful thing to have an entire nation indebted to you. How is this legal? These people are just trying to steal our money. It is the duty of our government to print and regulate money, NOT a private banking system. J.F.K. wasn’t a perfect man by far, but he did attempt to end the Fed and have the U.S. begin to print our own money. Some of these bills actually made it into circulation and can be found to this day. You will notice that at the top of the bill it says “U.S. Note” and not “Federal Reserve Note”. If want to set our country back on track we have to shut the Fed down. Check out this article for more info on J.F.K. vs. The Fed and see pictures or the U.S. Notes.


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